Start small, with just 16 tiles of land to manage your army on. Place down soldiers, archers, fletchers, farmers and blacksmiths to grow your resources and help win daily battles with the enemy. Become victorious against kingdom after kingdom and soon the four corners of the Earth shall be yours alone!

Instructions. (Use Chrome!)

Pan  the camera: Use arrow keys, the middle mouse button or hover your mouse near the border of the window.

Place down tiles: Scroll, or click on the vertical tile bar. Then drag where you want that tile to appear.

Start the battle: Press space.

Mute: M key.

Zoom In / Zoom Out: I / O keys. A little buggy, also ensure you have full screened.

After every battle, the enemy will replace some of their tiles - just as you can place and remove tiles between battles.

I really hope you enjoy my submission. It was fun to make - I am interstate/on the road and didn't have wifi for ~10 hours!

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